How to pick between Senegence and Maskcara

For the past few months I've been looking at my Senegence business and really evaluating it. I realized a few things when I was honest with myself.

If you’re more of a video gal, let me help you out with a live I did that really encompasses the research I’ve done and my opinion on the matter. Watch it here!

I'd love to share a few of the things I've realized: 

  1. Most people can't afford Senegence. The products are really lovely, and great but my marketing/business brain had to come to the realization that sales would be much easier with Maskcara - meaning a great business opp for me and my family.

Copy of march makeup madness.png

2. What if you could focus more on sales and less on getting people to pay their order via Square or Paypal, get their address, package their products, etc? It's so nice to be able to let that part be done by the pros - your website! And can we talk about how sexy the website is? So impressive and clean. Check mine out:


3. Branding: instagram worthy photos are so important, especially in makeup sales! From the beginning I really struggled to find the Senegence products pretty (I know, it's the inside that counts BUT I think it really does matter!) and Maskcara has been an absolute breath of fresh air in terms of design. 

Pretty products get more sales!

Pretty products get more sales!

4. Sales commissions and downline commissions are amazing - and if you've never worked in an MLM maybe you won't feel the pain I've been feeling. Having to order stock, package everything, drive to UPS, etc is a huge waste of money and time. Also, as you'll see here the downline commissions are quite amazing: 


5. The philosophy: I've loved every single video I've watched of Cara (the creator) and other girls in the company. There's an honesty and a transparency that I've totally loved - part of that is definitely because it's still a small MLM but I think it's also just her personality. Did you know she could've sold out for lots of money? Or even distributed to companies like Free People and Urban Outfitters? She didn't, because she wanted women to make some great money. She created this multi-million dollar company without any debt! And wants us to not go into debt either - which is why not having stock will save you lots of money! If you don't have much money, Maskcara is so much better - think about it: with Senegence you have to order enough every month (if you want to build a business where you sell) to get the best discount. The problem is there isn't any proof you'll sell anything (same with Maskcara of course) - but the thing with Maskcara is if you don't sell you're not losing money, or freaking out about the stock you've got leftover. 


mission statement.jpg

6. Customer retention: your clients are yours forever. Seriously did you hear me? 


7. The products: I love Senegence products: anti-aging, and beautiful. Lipsense is a wonderful product. I'll always have SO MUCH Senegence in my makeup drawer. Maskcara is a much simpler concept, and it's lovely. You shouldn't have to look for your products in different drawers, what if they could all be in one palette? You'd save so much time!

Your face isn't one dimensional, and neither should your makeup! 

Screen Shot 2018-05-19 at 7.54.19 PM.png

8. Company culture: I've got an amazing upline with Senegence, truly an inspiration so I have no complaints. One thing I've noticed with Maskcara is that everything is in ONE group, and everyone finds out about the news together through Cara going live on the page. It's very open and transparent which I've really enjoyed and it's been a nice change. None of that "coming soon" stuff. 


9. Training was amazing coming into Maskcara - the company took lots of time in creating mini videos that you go through when you download the really cool app. You get "points" every time you watch a video and it's super fun. 

All in all, the more I learn about this business the more I realize being a Senegence rep is awesome for the discount, but it's harder as a business. Having stock is scary and expensive, and a waste of time. As for Maskcara, there's no opportunity to go into debt (many women go into debt because of Senegence stock), only opportunity to do well! 


Our wedding: preparing my skin, hair and soul for the big day

Anyways, we're getting off subject. Lots of bride tend to want to overdo their makeup for their big day, and lots of makeup artists actually go too far in the look they create - I am here to tell you, you really don't need to go that far!

Months ahead of the big day: bright, beautiful skin

The first thing you want to do as you're coming closer to your wedding day (meaning a few months ahead of that day) is to really and truly take good care of it. Remember, taking care of your skin includes your face, neck, back and body! 

  • Wash your face morning and night (I've been using the Milk Cleanser)

  • Moisturize in the morning (Milk Creme) and at night

  • Exfoliate your skin twice a week - face, chest and back (our Facial Resurfacer is a GAME CHANGER! Have you got blackheads? Not anymore sister, this stuff is digging deep and cleansing your face)

Facial Resurfacer Senegence - if you want true baby skin this is what you need!

Facial Resurfacer Senegence - if you want true baby skin this is what you need!

  • Use an eye creme (if you want your makeup to not look crusty, make sure you're taking care of that skin)


Weeks before your big day: very moisturized skin and shiny hair

That means drinking lots of water, decreasing your salt intake and all around doing everything to stay hydrated. For your hair, my trick has always been to wash my hair every 3 days, brush it thoroughly with a boar bristle brush, put oil on it each night, use Protein shampoo once a week  and sleep with a loose bun on the side of my head. I promise you, that has led to the softest, happiest hair! If you haven't ordered the oil I posted up there, please do. It is by far my most exciting find and I'm SUPER loyal to it. 

The week of: calm. 

I know. Girlfriend I know. Trust me. My family and friends were helping us alot and they were a real blessing! But I totally know, the week of your wedding is CRAZY! I was NOT a bridezilla at all, and I really wasn't stressed about the wedding but darn it my brain was being pulled in a million different directions. Between the delivery of the chairs, cleaning up the yard, trying not to break a nail and totally getting a sunburn I was kind of brain dead. Enjoy the crazy, it's actually the best part. I don't know what your big day will be like but chances are it's going to go by really fast... so enjoy each day leading up to it, it's a tiny bubble of fun memories. 

DO rest, DO go home early if you want to. But also remember to enjoy your family coming from all over, enjoy the fact that your husband to be wants to help you and doesn't know all the details (it's cute), enjoy those last moments with your best friend, say thank you to everyone helping you. So much love. 

Looking back my favorite evenings were the few we spent at my parent's rental where we all brought our own food and enjoyed something we rarely get: time together. We all live really far from each other (California, Florida, north of France and Lyon) so any time we can spend time together we really take advantage of it. I loved every minute we spent together, even the random trips to Target or beach trip madness :)


The day of: even more calm. 

The morning of your wedding is quite interesting. You wake up and realize you're getting married today. By tonight you won't be a Varak, you'll be a Harris. Girlfriend this is such a fun day! No one is going to care about that typo in your menu, no one will notice that one of the groomsmen broke his leg (okay maybe that's a little obvious)... Girl, enjoy marrying your HUSBAND! What a lovely and wonderful day to remember forever, don't you dare make it a stressful day, don't you dare have any regrets about your attitude or your words. Be full of love for your husband, your family and your friends. Sniff your bouquet of flowers, smile at your mom and dad, and walk down that aisle. It's a beautiful day.

Our wedding was the most stunning thing I've ever seen (I know, I'm biased). The weather was perfect, the setting was amazing (thank you Babbs!), the boys looked so handsome and the girls were beautiful. Our families were with us, they love us, and we celebrated in style. 


  1. Keep it really simple and take your time. You want to have makeup that looks great on camera, as well as close to your guests. That means making sure you used enough Foundation and concealer to have perfect skin (and powder to set it), but not so much that you look cakey. For me, that was all about taking time between each step: 2 minutes after Silk Primer, 2 minutes after each layer of foundation, etc. I really took my time and was calm.

  2. Focus on our eyes: in photos that will definitely be the prettiest: practice trying on fake lashes weeks before and learn how to line your eyes lightly - nothing better than long lashes in photos! Also, learn what eye shape you have and make sure you are respecting it to make your eyes look beautiful!

  3. Don't go too dark, and don't go too intense: one person came to see me after the wedding and said he really liked my makeup because I didn't look like a clown: it seems many brides do way too much! Once again, simple is the best!

  4. Do a light beige or light pink on your lips with a little shine and gloss (I did Goddess and Sassy Z)

  5. Highlight and contour: you won't regret learning how to do that and you certainly will not regret the results on camera. Contour is such a powerful thing- I used Moca Java and Natural + White Concealer.

If you're doing your own makeup, I'd love to help you through out! Tell me when your wedding is and we'll schedule a call :) 

Here's a list of the makeup I used: 


  • Climate Control

  • Normal to Dry Moisturizer

  • Silk Primer (let it sit 2 minutes)

  • Pearlizer all over face

  • Color correcting tinted moisturizer

  • White and light concealer for highlighting

  • Crème Beige Foundation

  • Pouty Pink blush

  • pink opal shimmer to highlight

  • Candlelight under eyes

  • Sandstone Pearl over eyes

  • Natural powder and bronzer and blush to top off


  • Moca java, mulberry, garnet, Rose gold shimmer, onyx for eyeliner, black lashsense

  • Elfcosmeticsmetics Lashes


  • Pink Champagne and Sassy z

SPRAY: @urbandecaycosmetics

Check out some of my favorite photos:

Getting Ready


First Looks

The wedding



PHOTOS: Emily Ganey

FLOWERS: Sydney Merritt and Anna Graham

MAKEUP: Me with Senegence + Morphe Brushes


FOOD: Bodega

DRINKS: Walmart bro

DRESS: crap I don't remember. 

MUSIC: Jonathan Talley

LOCATION: Tiffany and Johnny Babb