Molly Gets Matte | by Red Aspen

Oh hello there matte lippies!

I’ve rarely found a matte lipstick like these ones - they’re hydrating, pigmented, long-wearing and matte! Quite the rare combo!

Here are the colors:

Check out these adorable colors!

Check out these adorable colors!

So, here are the details:

What it is: A long-lasting, highlight pigmented lip pencil with a built in blending brush + a full-coverage velvet matte lipstick that is as luxurious as it is light! 
What it does: Use together to create the perfect, long-lasting, non-drying lip pout. Use our lip pencil to line, plump, define, and contour; use our liquid lipstick to get light, matte, full-coverage color! 
What it's formulated without: Phthalates, Parabens 
What else you need to know: Cruelty free

How to use the Red Aspen Lip Kit: 

Step 1: Begin with clean and exfoliated lips 
Step 2: Start with Contour with Grace Lip Pencil and outline lips. Begin top lip with cupid's bow. 
Begin bottom lip with center bottom. Draw vertical lines to add dimension. Shade in the inner corners to create depth. 
Step 3: Fill in lips with the Molly Gets Matte Liquid Lipstick 
Step 4: Blend the liquid lipstick with the brush end of the lip pencil 


As far as pricing goes, you can either grab the lip kit or just the lippie - if you’re on a budget I’d suggest not grabbing the contour! Honestly, the one that really matters is the Red Rose and Berry bouquet one. BUT, if you’re on a budget you can make do without it.

See them all right here!

The complete guide to faux lashes!

If you’ve worn fake lashes before, you’ll understand the feeling I’m about to describe: GLORIOUS! FABULOUS! Oh my goodness there is nothing more exciting than seeing your eyes light up from being framed perfectly by those wispy hairs (it’s such a funny concept!)


Why are Red Aspen lashes different from any other ones?

QUALITY: These are ultra-premium, multi-layered faux mink and silk false lashes

PRICE: Most items are less than $20

CRUELTY FREE: Need I say more?

ADHESIVE: latex-free adhesive means even those with sensitive eyes can look good in our lashes

MULTI WEAR: save big on time and money!

COMFORT: a flexible cotton band so comfortable, you’ll forget you even have them on!

if you’ve never worn lashes before, you’ll definitely want to go to the 2nd part of this post (the bundles!)

Not your basic lashes.jpg


The prices vary depending on the lash from $16-$25

Silk - $16   Faux Mink - $23  Glitter Band - $18 - $25




New to Red Aspen lashes? Running low on your lash essentials? No matter the reason, we got you covered with our lash bundle! The Red Aspen lash bundle includes your favorite faux mink or silk lash, a 3.5 ml lash adhesive, a signature Red Aspen lash applicator and FREE mini scissors.

red aspen lashes

You’ll get:

  • Lash Adhesive

    Say hello to your new favorite LATEX FREE lash adhesive. It's iridescent during application, but it dries clear in seconds so it won't ruin your FLAWLESS eye makeup. It's formulated for long lasting wear so your lashes will stay put all day. GENIUS. Plus, the brush applicator allows you to control the amount of adhesive you apply to your lash, which makes lash application oh-so-easy

  • Lash Applicator

    Whether you're a lash novice or expert, our hot pink lash applicator is for you. Not only will our applicator aid in lash glue application, but it will help you apply your lashes in seconds with precision and accuracy. Plus, we dare you to find a snazzier applicator out there. DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU

  • FREE Mini Scissors

    Red Aspen's pink mini shears are perfect for precisely trimming your lash band to fit the shape of your eye. Snip snip!


Write your own lash story with this ADORABLE lash book. It can be customized to come in four difference lash bundles. 

Lash Book Social Image (3).jpg

So, are you ready to order? Let’s get it done!

If you’ve got questions, feel free to comment below or reach out to be on Facebook!