The power of a product called CCTM... and the beauty of Kennedy!

I've been on a CCTM roll - CCTM this, CCTM that... it's a hot mess. You know how sometimes putting foundation on seems like the most annoying thing ever?! Yeah? Me too. On those days, I roll with the power of my CCTM.

Please stop saying CCTM Emilie

Fine. So CCTM (ha!) is the Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer. It's basically the cooler and better big sister of your BB Cream/CC Cream, and here's why:

  • It's color correcting: meaning the greenish tint it has covers redness really beautifully (see photos below)
  • It decreases sun and age spots AND has a mechanical shield to protect you from the sun - like literally it works on your skin as you wear it. How amazing?!
  • It comes in 2 tints, and looks good on everyone. 
  • It smells lovely and has a great finish (not shiny or anything weird!)

Okay, now that I've told you why it's amazing, here are some actual photos: 

And more photos: 



Amazing isn't it? If you don't like foundation, but still want to cover up your redness and get an even tone all over your face, CCTM is the product for you (and the price is AWESOME).

Which brings me to lovely Kennedy and her makeover. I loved using CCTM and she later confirmed it lasted all day and she even worked out through it :) 

On Kennedy I focused alot on her eyes, because they're a beautiful blue. Check out these photos: 


  • Moisturizer - Normal to Dry Skin w/ Cellular Renewal system
  • Silk Primer - Pore and Wrinkle Minimizer
  • White and Light concealer for highlight, and contouring (+ under eye)
  • Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer - Light
  • Almond Foundation
  • Mocca Java - Eyeshadow for contour and eyes
  • Onyx - Eyeshadow for eyes corners
  • Pink Opal Shimmer and Pink Frost for eyes
  • Black Eyesense Mascara (Waterproof)
  • Pouty Pink Blush
  • Bombshell and Aussie Rose Lipsense + Glossy Gloss!

What do you think? Beautiful look right? And such a powerful product. I've got some in stock if you need one for this week!