How to pick between Senegence and Maskcara

For the past few months I've been looking at my Senegence business and really evaluating it. I realized a few things when I was honest with myself.

If you’re more of a video gal, let me help you out with a live I did that really encompasses the research I’ve done and my opinion on the matter. Watch it here!

I'd love to share a few of the things I've realized: 

  1. Most people can't afford Senegence. The products are really lovely, and great but my marketing/business brain had to come to the realization that sales would be much easier with Maskcara - meaning a great business opp for me and my family.

Copy of march makeup madness.png

2. What if you could focus more on sales and less on getting people to pay their order via Square or Paypal, get their address, package their products, etc? It's so nice to be able to let that part be done by the pros - your website! And can we talk about how sexy the website is? So impressive and clean. Check mine out:


3. Branding: instagram worthy photos are so important, especially in makeup sales! From the beginning I really struggled to find the Senegence products pretty (I know, it's the inside that counts BUT I think it really does matter!) and Maskcara has been an absolute breath of fresh air in terms of design. 

Pretty products get more sales!

Pretty products get more sales!

4. Sales commissions and downline commissions are amazing - and if you've never worked in an MLM maybe you won't feel the pain I've been feeling. Having to order stock, package everything, drive to UPS, etc is a huge waste of money and time. Also, as you'll see here the downline commissions are quite amazing: 


5. The philosophy: I've loved every single video I've watched of Cara (the creator) and other girls in the company. There's an honesty and a transparency that I've totally loved - part of that is definitely because it's still a small MLM but I think it's also just her personality. Did you know she could've sold out for lots of money? Or even distributed to companies like Free People and Urban Outfitters? She didn't, because she wanted women to make some great money. She created this multi-million dollar company without any debt! And wants us to not go into debt either - which is why not having stock will save you lots of money! If you don't have much money, Maskcara is so much better - think about it: with Senegence you have to order enough every month (if you want to build a business where you sell) to get the best discount. The problem is there isn't any proof you'll sell anything (same with Maskcara of course) - but the thing with Maskcara is if you don't sell you're not losing money, or freaking out about the stock you've got leftover. 


mission statement.jpg

6. Customer retention: your clients are yours forever. Seriously did you hear me? 


7. The products: I love Senegence products: anti-aging, and beautiful. Lipsense is a wonderful product. I'll always have SO MUCH Senegence in my makeup drawer. Maskcara is a much simpler concept, and it's lovely. You shouldn't have to look for your products in different drawers, what if they could all be in one palette? You'd save so much time!

Your face isn't one dimensional, and neither should your makeup! 

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8. Company culture: I've got an amazing upline with Senegence, truly an inspiration so I have no complaints. One thing I've noticed with Maskcara is that everything is in ONE group, and everyone finds out about the news together through Cara going live on the page. It's very open and transparent which I've really enjoyed and it's been a nice change. None of that "coming soon" stuff. 


9. Training was amazing coming into Maskcara - the company took lots of time in creating mini videos that you go through when you download the really cool app. You get "points" every time you watch a video and it's super fun. 

All in all, the more I learn about this business the more I realize being a Senegence rep is awesome for the discount, but it's harder as a business. Having stock is scary and expensive, and a waste of time. As for Maskcara, there's no opportunity to go into debt (many women go into debt because of Senegence stock), only opportunity to do well!