How you can get a FREE Maskcara Compact (or a few!)

Did you just say FREE?! Yes I did sister, because you know I love freebies!

If you don’t know much about this makeup yet, let me tell you a little bit about why it;s revolutionized the makeup industry!

  1. MINIMALISM: Instead of having a million things in your makeup bag, you can have everything you need in a compact (that you’re going to get for free, remember?)

  2. BRIGHTENING AND COVERING: Our makeup focuses on what matters: brightening your face, and giving it shape - and with that coverage,

  3. CUSTOMIZABLE: All our makeup fits in a super strong magnetized compact that you’ll be able to customize forever: out of your favorite highlighter? Instead of getting a completely new palette, you’ll be able to just grab a new highlighter from my website to swap it out!

Maskcara Compact for free

So, how do you get one for free? Right now all you have to do is buy the corresponding number of IID Foundation Shades or Eyeshadow Shades and Maskcara will give you the compact for free!

  1. So pick your style

  2. Pick your size

To get your compact free just buy the corresponding number of IID Foundation or Eyeshadow shades:

  • Mini Square Compact = 4 Eyeshadows

  • Quad Compact = 4 IID Foundations or 8 Eyeshadows

  • Mini Double Decker = 10 IID Foundations or Eyeshadows (or combo)

  • Double Decker = 16  IID Foundations or Eyeshadows (or combo)

Get a free Maskcara Compact

If you’re not totally sure what colors you need for highlight and contour, my job is to help you find them! So please message me here, or on Instagram or even Facebook!

The blushes, illuminators, and eyeshadows look great on all skin tones, so feel free to pick any and all of them!