This is why I’m doing it.

Cole, my hubby is going through med school. For a while now I'd been looking for a side hustle that could help us make a few extra hundred dollars a month... I found it. And more. Through these companies I found a sisterhood, training, confidence (I have lots of that but heck I'll take more), inspiration, business training, so much makeup, money (it's a pretty good system we've got going on... really good!)

What if you could find the same thing, as simply as I did? If you love Maskcara, it's for you! I want you to have a side hustle, and you want to be in our team!

I'm talking to my teams every day and helping you along the way, whether you want to do this as a business or just to get less expensive makeup (#yesplease!)

Everyone is different, and there's a different MLM for each girl boss...

How do I earn income?



There are also two ways of earning money with Maskcara: sales and downlines. 


 The Basic Kit is $199 and the Pro Kit is $399. Deciding which kit you want will depend on your goals for your business, if you are going to do in-home parties or want to do personal makeovers. If you answered yes to either of those questions, go for the Pro Kit. It has incredible value and allows you to be prepared to do anyone’s makeup anytime.

The difference between both? It really depends on you and your goals (and what makeup you like!). Some people ADORE Lipsense, some people think it feels weird. Some people like selling a BUNCH of products, some people want 5 that work. It depends on you babe, if you can't figure it out we can chat about it!


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    How much does it cost to join?
    You can choose the basic kit ($199) or the pro kit ($399). 

    Are there any other fees I should know about?
    There is a fee of $9.95/month you will be paying to sustain your back office and replicated site fees.  Both are needed to sell to your customers

    What is the minimum amount I have to sell each month to get commissions?
    None!  There is no minimum amount that you have to sell to earn your own sales commissions.  If you want to start building a team and earn bonuses and downline commissions, there will be a small requirement once you rank higher.

    Do I get a discount as an Artist?
    Yes, you always get a 20% off discount

    What commissions can Maskcara Artists make?
    Every artist starts the month off at 20% commissions.  The more you sell, the more commissions you’ll make.  You can make up to 40% commission plus bonuses and if you’re building a team, downline commissions as well!

    How often do Artists get paid?
    Once a week and once monthly.  Each weekly commission payment is based on your personal sales.  Each monthly payment consists of any bonuses you have, the extra percentage payments above 20%, and downline commissions.

    How do they pay Artists?
    They have a secure website that all payments go to.  From there you can choose to have them transferred to a gorgeous Maskcara Visa card, or have transfer to your bank account.

    Do Artists keep inventory?
    No!  and it’s another one of my favorite parts of Maskcara. Why is that so awesome? 1. Inventory is a real pain. Your business doesn’t need to take over a whole room in your house. 2. You don’t want to have to constantly investing money in inventory that you then have to hope to sell. 3. No one wants to be going to the post office everyday, except for a postal worker. 4. If you have product on hand to sell, you won’t make commission off of it.  The Maskcara corporate team has made it so easy for us.  They package it for us, they ship it for us, they deal with returns/exchanges; and their customer service is freaking awesome! We get to do all the fun stuff instead of spending time dealing with inventory



    What does an artist get?



    SO MANY!  But the most amazing is that you can be the hostess of your own parties and you can keep them open for as long as you’d like!  This means that you can wait until your party earns enough money to buy more product for yourself or your business!

    Another is that your clients are always yours: This is one of my favorite things about the Maskcara company. Artists will not compete for an customer each time they make a sale because once a customer buys from you, they are your customer for life!  The computer registers them as being yours so you will get the credit.

    And an amazing website + app! 



    I’ve got your back


    I’ve worked hard on making this work for you, and I’ll work with you1