As women we’re often looking for community. We long for a sense of belonging and friendship and connection. It’s not always easy though to find a community where you’re accepted and the connection is deeper than social media. Can you think of that moment with a new friend where you realize she is absolutely a soul sister? Isn’t it the best feeling?

This year I’ve explored community in such a special way while my husband goes to medical school and I’m often left alone in a new city with nothing that I know. Thankfully I’ve come to realize that there are a few things keeping me afloat: finding a good church, keeping in touch with my family, having my house filled with plants and dogs and very importantly being a part of this makeup journey. I know we say this all the time: it is so much more than makeup. It’s a group chat with my team that is more often than not about praying for each other, it’s a makeover that brings a smile to the tired face of a new mama, it’s a face of makeup that makes me feel confident enough to go live about my struggles with insecurities and anxiety about being a student’s wife. It’s so so so much more than makeup.

This journey was created for any person that is willing to learn, lean on others, do scary new things. It’s for the person that comes to me with an open heart and mind and is willing to try. I’ve seen financial success in this but more importantly I’ve seen countless girlfriends come out of their shell and find something creative that gave them a new outlook on life. Sounds kind of corny but it’s so true!

I can’t wait to have you be a part of this community - where we help each other stay healthy, happy and most importantly never lonely!

xx, Emilie


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