Our organic-Paleo food prepping:

If you’re anything like me, food prepping and just generally feeding yourself is a little stressful. Or at least it used to be for me. When Cole and I first got married I had a lot of food knowledge just from the fact that I grew up in the food capital of the world (France), but I really didn’t know how to cook, prep, and feed every single day. I was good at making a meal on Sunday when I had time and imagination, but when Monday hit you better believe Cole and I went to Taco Bell. Yes, I’m a little embarrassed about those few months where I fed my husband and I crap - but honest to goodness I didn’t know where to begin and how to take care of us.

Fast forward a few months: my gut is a mess, I’m sick every day and my skin looks like cement. Clearly I’m doing something wrong, right? Not only is my body struggling, so is our bank account. Since Cole is in medical school and I’m the sole food provider I knew I had to change things. I see Cole and I’s health as being my responsilibty since I feed both of us - as I get us healthier I help him thrive in a very stressful environment. I’m honored to have learned better ways of caring for both of us, and I know Cole is really thankful that I have that under control. So here’s the basic idea:


Every Saturday Cole and I go to the farmer’s market - you’ll want to talk to as many farmers as possible. Ask them what pesticides they use (don’t make it too obvious that you want organic - see what they say first!) - if they have chickens as where the chickens spend their days. If they say that they don’t use pesticides, ask how they keep their food bug free. Really dig deep! If they’re anything like the farmers we’ve grown to love they’ll defend their way of farming very well and show you that they’re the real deal. If you feel weird about them, move on to the next farmer! You have to start seeing food shopping as a hunt for the best food to heal your family and best care for them- even if you look crazy! It’s worth it, I promise. In any case, let me walk you through the system that has worked for Cole and I over the past 8 months or so - it’s less expensive than eating out, all organic and super healthy!


We got this handy basket in France

Find ways to make your farmer’s market trip fun: grab some coffee, take some photos, etc. Enjoy the fact that you live in a country where these options exist!


  • Root vegetables that are in seasons (beets, sweet potatoes, turnip, radishes, onions, daikon, etc) get enough for the week, you’re going to make this in the oven or crockpot with chicken.

  • Leafy greens for smoothies and evening salads (dandelion leaves, spinach, kale) you’ll eat this with eggs in the morning or for dinner

  • A whole chicken: ask the farmer if the chicken meat is tender or not.

    • If he says it’s tender, this chicken will happily cook with root veggies, lemon, olive oil, salt, pepper, turmeric and a little olive oil.

    • If the chicken meat is rough (usually because the chicken was a laying chicken and the meat HAS LIVED!) that’s totally fine, but you’ll want to cook it in a soup: refer to my blog post about our Thai chicken soup!

  • Apples (if you know your family eats 1 a day/member, get that many! No need to guess this stuff)

  • Nuts if anyone has some - if not we’ve been buying from nuts.com… mostly because the website name makes me giggle

  • eggs - enough to make a million breakfast muffins. Seriously you’ll love me for this!

You’ll be sleepy at this point, but you have to press on!


  • WASH THE VEGGIES: Now you’ll want to take all your veggies, cut off the leaves and put them in your clean sink. Grab some veggie/fruit cleanser (you can use a clean dish soap, or I use the Young Living spritzer) and just clean your goods. Remember, just because it’s organic doesn’t mean the farmer didn’t pick his nose before grabbing your beautiful beets.


    • Garlic cloves (as many as you want)

    • a few onions

    • your root vegetables (cut in 2)


    • Grab some oil (olive oil, avocado oil, ghee, etc)

    • salt

    • pepper

    • mustard

    • lemon (2 lemons is what I usually do!)

    • turmeric

    • cayenne pepper if you’re married to a Cole Harris

    • whatever the heck you want! Enjoy the process of learning about what tastes good to you guys!



    • Put the chicken at the center of a dish (for the oven) or the crockpot

    • Surround it with veggies! You can even put the lemon skin in there for some extra citrus

    • Depending on your oven, cook the chicken and veggies.

  • PUT EVERYTHING IN GLASS TUPPERWARES (invest in these, you won’t regret it! Right here)


    Once the chicken meat is in tupperwares, cook the bones in water and turmeric over night. It smells like death but it’s good for you! If you’ve got bones still, crush them up and give them to your puppy!


While your chicken is cooking, it’s time to make breakfast for the week. Friends, I’m all about prepping on Saturday so that the rest of the week is really chill.

  • MIX:

    • Eggs

    • if you can afford it grab some organic sausage from Publix (friends it’s expensive. Makes me sad every time - sometimes it’s on sale!0

    • Kale or any other leafy green you’ve got

    • 1/4 teaspoon of Spirulina (IMPORTANT: if you’ve never had any, start SUPER SMALL! Yes, its a superfood but it tastes like a dead fish… you’ve been warned!)

    • Some almond milk to stretch these out a little if you’re trying to save money

    • Onions/garlic

  • PREP:

    • Oil your muffin tins, or grab some paper muffin things - I suggest doing paper! Easier clean-up

    • Turn on oven to 350°f

    • Fill the tins, leave about 1 cm for the eggs to grow

    • Cook until your fork comes out dry of the muffin!

    • Put part in the freezer, or leave in fridge

Cole and I have 2 a day each. This keeps our morning prep very quick since everything is ready!


Enjoy your day so beautifully! We try to keep our Sundays super chill and usually get all our prepping out of the way on Saturday. If you weren’t able to, go simple.


  • Cole gets a handful of almonds, goji berries and cashew nuts

  • He gets 2 egg muffins every morning

  • I pack him a bowl of chicken and veggies

  • He gets an apple

This way of working has made us stay very far away from restaurants and eating cereal instead of dinner.


This cutie pie picking out the best organic cabbage

Gotta make that sauerkraut and heal your gut friends!