What is Maskcara and why is it so amazing? 

One of our goals is to simplify your lifestyle: less stuff, less time wasted, and less money out the window. I want you to have one palette with everything you need in it!

What are the prices for Maskcara? 

I love this breakdown! You'll see how affordable our makeup is so quickly!






Why an MLM?

I know. I never thought I'd be in an MLM, no less 2! I've found my place here: I work whenever I want, I make money quite easily because of the products I represent, and I'm part of amazing sisterhoods! If you're a woman on this planet, you should have a side hustle. These MLMs produce more millionnaires than any other industry. Did you hear me? MLMs! These are amazing spaces, and they're going to grow. For example, Maskcara only has 6,000 Artists! You're getting in at momentum, when everything is about to get really phenomenal financially!