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My family is awesome!

Welcome! I'm Emilie, born and raised in Lyon France surrounded by an amazing family. A few years ago, as I was finishing my Business and Marketing degree and looking for an internship, one of my dad's friends (Paul) invited me to stay at his family's home if I found an internship. After a few phone calls, my flight was booked and I was on my way to meet this mysterious family. When I saw their son Cole at the airport, I knew something was happening. 1. He's pretty darn cute. 2. We've got amazing chemistry and he's definitely hilarious and 3. I told his mom I'd marry him someday (within my first week of meeting him!). 

Here we are, a few years later, married and old... Not old really. 

Anyways, enough about that. I had never thought about selling anything, especially not an MLM! But after checking out the business model I couldn't ignore an amazing opportunity (especially the fact that there were only 6,000 artists!). That's what it has been: the best opportunity. As I learn more about MLMs I realize the future is definitely in these structures, because they're driven by love, friendship, hard work and not being employed by a boss you may not like! (I love my boss FYI). Wondering why Maskcara? Learn here!

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for being interested in these businesses with me, thank you for being a client and thank you for being a sister. We stick together, us ladies!

Take a look at my website, make your wishlist and get back to me!

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